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Reney Right Tool

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Reney Right Tool

With the use of this 30/60/90 degree tool you can create
many different items such as:
Six Pointed Stars, Diamonds, Hexagons, Rectangles
The "Reney Right Tool" was used to create the following designs:
Catch A Falling Star
Cherry & Beenee
Crowning Glory
Earthly Stars
Stars & Moore
The Tool includes the
RMP Revolutions pattern (shown to the right).
Checkers Distributors made a wonderful video to quickly show you how to use this tool.
(Click on the link above to view the video on "You Tube"

RMP Revolutions

Below are new quilt patterns that use this exciting tool.

Blue Breeze, Uses Homman Snaps - 5" Squares
Pinwheel Parade, Uses Homman Snaps - 5" Squares