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Meet the Artist Larene Smith


     I can remember my mom sewing when I was very young and the words “Do not touch my sewing machine”.  What a way to intrigue a child.  There began my interest in sewing.

     When my mom was getting ready to move to Texas to help my aunt with our grandparents I asked her to show me how to make a quilt.  She took the time to teach me step by step on how to make a 9 patch quilt.  What a glorious day we had!  It was very hard on me, her moving so far away.  But, our connection never wavered.  I took what she had taught me and pulled out that old fabric that I bought too many years ago to count from T G & Y and began playing with fabric.

      I looked for a place to buy some nice fabric and was directed to Material Possessions Quilt Shop.  What a beautiful shop it is.  The fabric was unlimited and WOW where did I start.  The sales person must have known that I was new to this shop because I was just walking around in a daze.  So she came over, introduced herself to me and asked if she could help me.  Her name was Ginger.  I showed her some of my designs that I wanted to sew.  So she helped me and then I was off.

     Over the next few months I became a regular customer at that shop.  One time I came in and Ginger was there and told me that I should be teaching classes as my designs were so unique and had a lot of different techniques. She told me to give the owner a call and set up a meeting with Wendy.  Man, was I scared!  Wendy took the meeting and requested that I show her some of my quilts.  She saw something in me that I did not even know existed.  She took her valuable time and helped me develop into what I am today.  She gave me my 1st class and then I was off.

     Wendy then got me in touch with Sandy at Hoffman California Fabrics.  Sandy said that she had seen some of my designs at Material Possessions and would like to have me sew a quilt for them for the Quilt Market.  Oh boy, I was off and running.  What an opportunity to do something that I loved.  The first one I did was the most troublesome.  As time went on I would pick up the fabric one night and have a new design sewn and delivered the next day.  My first season with Hoffman was a winner in my eyes.  I sewed many quilts for them and they purchased 2 of my designs.  Those were “Asian Flowers” and my favorite “Willow Beauty”.

     I cannot express my gratitude to Material Possession Quilt Shop and Hoffman California Fabrics for this opportunity. 

I would like to thank my husband, Bryant, for his patience over the years regarding all my unfinished crafts.  To my mother, Frances, I would like to thank her for her assistance with my quilting instructions and putting up with all of my quirks.  I would also like to thank my sister, Laura, for her talent with websites.


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